What do you take to school everyday?

Asked by Anonymous


Going left to right: 

1. Cell phone

2. Wallet

3. OHSU ID Card

4. iPad Air with a Samsung branded cover sleeve (I’m a rebel like that).

5. Assorted pens - three serve as styluses. One of them is also a penlight, you know, in case I want to check some pupillary reflexes here and there.

6. Bike headlight - works as a flashlight when I’m not riding.

7. Wireless bluetooth headphones - wire tangles are gone and the sound quality is pretty good!

8. Satchel

Once clinic starts, you can add a stethoscope, white coat, and tiny note pad to the mix as well.

In total, this weighs less than 4 pounds. I’m into keeping my education as paperless as possible and it’s been serving me well so far.

Feel free to keep asking questions.

We lost Robin Williams today. For the first time, I’m actually affected by the loss of a Hollywood actor. Williams was one of my favorites - he made me laugh, smile, reflect, and more. 

He’s in some of my favorite movies - Mrs. Doubtfire, Good Will Hunting, Dead Poet’s Society - but here’s one that strikes a little closer to my new life; Patch Adams. For those budding physicians out there, have a listen.

If you’re considering the end, reach out to your friend, to your family, to anyone, to this number: 1-800-273-8255

We are all here to listen and help.

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Thank you Roheet and my fabulous editors for making this process slightly less overwhelming. Will probably hit you guys up for more help with secondaries, and am definitely planning on trying your interview services too :)

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